Our family has grown grapes in the United States for five consecutive generations dating back to the 1800’s, culminating in our two vineyards in the Paso Robles Appellation. We know that the best way to make great wine is to grow remarkable grapes. We take pride in keeping our boots in the soil and making a hands-on effort to maximize the potential of our fruit.

Paso Robles Appellation

Paso Robles resides halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco in San Luis Obispo County on California’s Central Coast. The growing season is defined by a climate of warm inland afternoons and cool marine breezes that arrive each evening. Daily temperature swings of 40 degrees or more are not unusual during the growing season. Such conditions are ideal for growing world-class wine grapes, as they lengthen the growing season for the achievement of fully defined flavors with balance and structure.


Our two vineyards occupy a total of 114 acres in the Eastern foothills of Paso Robles. Our vineyard in the San Miguel area unfolds along rolling rocky terrain with a complex mosaic of soils ranging from sandy loam to clay loam. These soils are well drained, which naturally limits vine vigor for the development of intensely flavored fruit. Our vineyard in the nearby Shandon area sees temperatures that are, on average, 10 degrees higher than San Miguel, making it perfect for varietals that thrive in warmer growing conditions.


Our top priority is to grow fruit of the highest caliber. We manage our vineyards on a block-by-block basis, tending to the individual needs of each varietal in matters of irrigation, pruning, and harvesting. This fine-tuned approach enables us to get the most out of each block, varietal, and vintage.

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